May 11, 2016

ENSO Expands Product Offering With New Emerging Manager Platform

ENSO Edge, the Emerging Manager Platform Built From ENSO Core

New York, London, May 12, 2016ENSO Financial Analytics (ENSO), an ICAP Group company and leading provider of a data analytics platform for hedge funds and prime brokers, announces today its launch of ENSO Edge, an emerging manager offering built from the award winning ENSO Core platform.

The launch of this new global platform will provide a scalable solution for the daily needs of a growing manager’s treasury and portfolio finance operations. ENSO Edge will offer analytics to hedge funds that fit a specific client profile based on assets under management and number of financing counterparties. Managers will be able to easily add additional modules and tools to support their developing needs.

By using ENSO Edge emerging managers will gain access to ENSO Broker Scorecards, a data driven tool that is used to inform and validate manager’s decisions when assessing and adding financing counterparties. As strategies of emerging managers evolve and become more sophisticated, the need for additional counterparty relationships increases. ENSO Broker Scorecards help to guide managers through these essential assessments.

ENSO has recognized the varying degree to which certain Prime Brokers are increasing and decreasing hedge fund client exposure, most clearly lead by narrowing client focus, and monitoring revenues and balance sheet usage.

As banks aim to re-evaluate their clients, many emerging managers are in turn evaluating alternative counterparty relationships and a new placement for their collateral. ENSO easily connects manager’s portfolios with the appropriate prime brokerage relationship, identifying the most suitable opportunity for optimization.

ENSO has 14 major prime brokers contributing securities lending desk flow commentary and advertisements through the ENSO Color Portal and ROA Optimizer, enabling managers to improve ROA profiles, quantify their prime brokers financing strengths, as well as manage their balance sheet usage and profitability.

With more than ~$1 trillion in total assets under advisory today, ENSO already provides operational insights and key analytics to many of the world’s most successful fund managers.

Matthew Bernard, Partner and Co-Founder of ENSO, said: “ENSO has provided innovative and creative tools for treasury and portfolio finance teams at larger hedge funds for many years. After receiving an unprecedented demand from emerging managers to offer services on a scalable level, we are excited to officially launch this new global offering. ENSO can help emerging managers grow and build upon their treasury functions, and help instill best practices across their fund.”

Scott Beal, President at Bocage Capital, said: “ENSO has helped us gain a holistic view of our exposure to the street and manage our financing relationships. As a growing manager, it is essential that we have the most developed and secure technology that the marketplace is using to validate our counterparty relationships and support investor due diligence.”

Joseph Salegna, Chief Financial Officer at Vernier Capital Partners, said: “Using ENSO, we are able to manage, evaluate, and grow our counterparty relationships, as well as track what we pay them in an easier and more efficient manner. ENSO provides the market-leading tools and analytics to support all of our day-to-day needs.”


Note to editors: ICAP plc recently announced the acquisition of ENSO Financial Analytics, establishing ENSO as a subsidiary of ICAP’s Post Trade Risk and Information (PTRI) division.


About ENSO Financial Analytics

ENSO Financial Analytics (ENSO), an ICAP Post Trade Risk and Information (PTRI) Group Company, is a leading hedge fund service provider offering clients the ability to use critical business insights to become more competitive while strengthening their broker relationships. ENSO’s suite of intuitive, data-driven tools enhances risk and operational transparency and improves transactional efficiency, allowing multi-prime hedge funds and asset managers to optimize structural and variable costs. ENSO captures data on more than ~$1 trillion in hedge fund assets under advisory.

ENSO is headquartered in New York with an office in London.

For more information, please visit Follow ENSO on LinkedIn

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