May 13, 2016

ENSO Edge is fully scalable for firms that grow and become more complex.

WatersTechnology, By Emilia David

ENSO Financial Analytics, a subsidiary of ICAP, released a new platform targeted at emerging fund and asset managers.

Data analytics platform provider ENSO Financial Analytics hopes to attract emerging fund managers with its new platform, ENSOEdge.

ENSO Edge, a “skinny down” version of its ENSO Core platform, is specifically targeted to hedge fund and asset managers that do not have the same resources larger funds have.

“The core products tend to cater to large multi-billion-dollar hedge funds and asset managers, and it’s grown tremendously in the last five years. What we noticed was that while some aspects cater to the needs of an emerging manager, they don’t necessarily need everything we offer,” ENSO co-founder and partner Matthew Bernard tells WatersTechnology. “It’s a skinny down version of ENSO Core.”

The new platform builds upon what is already offered by the ENSO Core platform, though some customization, workflow, system integration and data for larger firms are not offered. ENSO Edge, which is a hosted solution, offers insights that firms can use to find growth strategies and to know which counterparties they could be doing more business with. It will also connect managers with the right prime brokerage relationship.

Users of ENSO Edge have access to ENSO’s broker Scorecards, a tool that helps assess financing counterparties.


The company worked with some beta clients to determine the needs and workflows of emerging managers.

“As a growing manager, it is essential that we have the most developed and secured technology that the marketplace is using to validate our counterparty relationships and support investor due diligence,” said Scott Beal, president of Bocage Capital, one of the beta clients tapped for the platform’s development, in a statement.

ENSO Edge is a scalable platform that allows managers to add modules and tools as they expand. This means emerging managers can easily transition to use more ENSO Edge offerings as their firm starts to grow and strategies become more complex.

The hope for ENSO is that it can build a strong relationship with these up-start firms so that as they grow, they expand their business with the New York-based vendor.

“We want to be with them from the beginning and 10 years into the future, offering them solutions to help them grow,” Bernard says.

ENSO, which has more than $1 trillion in total assets under advisory, was recently acquired by markets operator Icap for an undisclosed sum.