May 28, 2015

ENSO Color Portal featured in Waters Technology

ENSO Launches ‘Color Portal’ Tailored Broker Commentary Service

By Faye Kilburn

New York-based ENSO Financial Management, a provider of data-driven investment and operational insights for hedge funds, has launched a new tool, dubbed ENSO Color Portal, which allows hedge fund managers to receive rates and commentary from brokers, tailored specifically to their trading activities and actual portfolios.

The portal allows hedge funds with multiple counterparties to customize, qualify and rank the commentary and balance sheet opportunities they require, and wade through the “constant deluge” of information, says Matthew Bernard, partner at ENSO.

“Enso Color Portal allows them to break through the noise and zero in on the most relevant desk flow commentary and information, which ultimately makes them better counterparties to the street, and helps them optimize across each of their relationships,” Bernard says.

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