Sep 27, 2018

AIMA APAC Webinar: The Evolving Role of the Treasury Function and Creating an Efficient Operational Structure

The webinar is available for replay here

Chris Barrow, Head of EMEA for ENSO, NEX Optimisation
Hartej Jagdev, Head of Operations & Partner, Naya Capital Management

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) outsourced technology services help hedge funds and asset managers to harness data more effectively, deliver mission-critical analytics and create a streamlined, automated and controlled work flow to reduce costs, manage risks, and increase efficiency.

It is not only the way that information is delivered that is changing but also how it is generated. The use of enhanced data extraction, collation, normalization analysis and reporting tools is becoming more prevalent in financial services to reduce manual processing, enable complex work flows, increase scalability and improve the quality of insights and decision-making.

This webinar will discuss themes and issues including:

  • How is the evolution of treasury and counterparty management unfolding? What are funds placing the most emphasis on? Areas that can be more actively managed, and an assessment of the potential benefits: balance sheet, investor management, management oversight etc
  • Who is doing what? Between COO, PM, FX hedging functions, there is no obvious responsible role which looks after everything. How can you efficiently outsource functions such as cash management, share class hedging, SBL oversight, margin management
  • Liquidity risk management, the ability to manage liquidity needs in various scenarios; for example, subscription & redemptions, factoring in upcoming liquidity dates with the ability to insert model assumptions
  • How are funds evaluating the ‘buy versus build’ scenario? How are treasurers managing dashboards for monitoring cash and collateral balances, counterparty exposure and spend etc.
  • Will this be a continuing trend in the hedge fund sector? How might the role evolve further?