Jun 13, 2018

2018 Managed Accounts Report : New Ambitions, New Solutions – an HFM Special Report

Among all the big changes since the Global Financial crisis, one of the most significant in the alternative asset management industry has been the growth of Managed Accounts.

In the report, HFM outlines how managed accounts have gone from being the poor relation of the co-mingled fund to becoming the preferred investing route for allocators across the spectrum of the alternatives world – offering the ‘Holy Grail’ of better returns at cheaper cost.

Paul Busby, Head of Analytics for NEX Optimisation and Elena Jakovleva, Head of US Client Experience for NEX Optimisation, highlight the recent trends and rise of the managed account space.

Contributions from:  NEX, Gemini, HedgeMark, K2 Advisors L.L.C., Man FRM, Societe Generale, and more.

Click Here to Download the Report

    • Mar 19, 2019

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