ENSO Financial Replication 

ENSO provides effective Financing Replication and Reconciliation tools that consolidate financing data across prime brokers. The services highlight the drivers of costs as well as potential avenues to reduce manual reconciliation.

Many alternative managers may find it challenging to account for their monthly financing charges, but ENSO’s Financing Replication solution can help manage debit and short financing accruals to stay in-line with fee schedules.

By breaking financing costs down at a position level, funds can better estimate return on equity across asset classes and optimize financing alpha across counterparts.



Access via ENSO SaaS Platform or Direct Feed / FTP

Financing charges are consolidated and reconciled with pricing schedules, split out by broker, asset-type, and product.



                  • High-level summary of financing cost drivers with trends
                  • Identifies breaks between actual and agreed charges for prime brokerage benchmarks/spreads
                  • Create configurable grid views and set preferences for persistent reporting
                  • Compare cost of financing equities, bonds, or other asset types across all providers
                  • View/export a 13 month historical trending data on a summary, detail and break reporting




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