Product Summary

Through the partnership between NEX Optimisation and NEX Markets, PIVOT connects the ENSO Core platform with NEX Treasury, a cash and FX liquidity management centre for the corporate and bank community. The new service helps buy-side institutions act on cash insights identified within ENSO Core to help clients make timely decisions to optimise their overall counterparty relationships.

Hedge funds can execute cash payments directly through the portal for margin management, manage third party relationships, and invest excess cash in money market funds.

PIVOT is available as an individual offering or an addition to the ENSO Core platform. For more information, Request a Demo

Key Features

  • Centralized platform for managing cash
  • Instruct collateral movements across multiple counterparties
  • Utilize ENSO Core analytics to identify cash and position transfers
  • Status views for approved, pending, processing, confirmed or declined payment tickets
  • Flexible yet robust approval process which supports multiple layers of approvals at different currencies
  • Connectivity to all major broker-dealers


Jenny Knott, CEO of NEX Optimisation, said: “Our established multilateral networks and subject matter expertise across NEX Optimisation enables us to provide a suite of services to our clients to optimise their financial resources, reduce their costs, simplify their workflows while giving them confidence in their own data. PIVOT is an integral part of our objective to streamline increasingly complex processes for our clients.”

Matthew Bernard, CEO of ENSO, said: “In launching PIVOT we have realised the power of the NEX portfolio of businesses, and have built a new solution for our buyside clients that provides support for cash and collateral management, and treasury and portfolio finance functions.”

Justin Meadows, CEO of NEX Treasury, said: “In partnership with NEX Optimisation we have now extended this tried and tested capability to provide clients with a secure, reliable and convenient way to automate the substantial cash collateral management workload many of them face every day.”